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Quake3: Arena Review by Jay, February 3, 2000
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Developer : ID Software
Publisher : ID Software
Release Date : Out Now
Demo Available : No
Table of Contents

Closer Look

Its back...

Prepare yourself as Quake fever hits the streets again as the third installment of the most popular action game series ever hits the shelves. With outstanding popularity from Quake and Quake 2, Q3: Arena looks set to become one of the biggest games of this year with only 23 days past from the last millennium. The piece of work comes from, arguably, two of the best programming writers around at the moment, John Carmack and John Cash, lead programmers of - Id Software. Get ready to be shocked by this long awaited game which has some of the best graphics, gameplay and atmosphere to grace the PC as we delve into the fast flowing, body gibbing experience that is Quake3: Arena.

With a quick look at the pictures above it is easily seen why Quake 3 has been eagerly awaited. The first picture gives us a look at how Quake 3 generates fog effects unlike anything I have ever seen on a game. The second picture shows amazing detail given from the very first level. As we come to the third screenshot we are shown a fire effect of one of the levels implementing shadows from yourself and opponents. Last but not least we come to screenshot four. This screenshot is captured in Quake 3's ultamite beauty as we see light sources, mist effects, jump pads, new-look health containers and best of all 'bendy' polygons.

Before we move on...

Before we head on into our main breakdown of the game, take care to look at the in-game screenshots taken from Quake3: Arena. Take great notice in the detail of all the screenshots as you come to understand how good this game really looks.

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